Covid-19 Emergency

Right now 8piuhotel gives priority to health, safety and protection of our guests and staff.
We constantly monitor changes comes from the guidelines of our government, national health authorities and WHO, in order to offer the best service to safeguard everyone's safety.
We have scrupulously examined every aspect of our hospitality in order to guarantee you a pleasant and safe stay. The following are the measures we have taken:

- Our staff is aware of all the actions need to be taken to minimize the possibility of contagion and personally takes care of frequent sanitization and cleaning of indoor spaces and environment.
- it is equipped with all the safety devices provided (gloves, masks, splash guards).

- we guarantee adequate spacing.
- everything you find on breakfast buffet is suitably covered by cloche as well as by a plexiglass panel.
- we completely sanitize previously used breakfast seating.
- we use disposable placemats and cutlery, plates and glasses will already be available at your table.
- at the end of the service, breakfast area is sanitized daily with ozone treatment and the surfaces cleaned with chlorine-based detergents.

- we guarantee adequate spacing.
- A high temperature process and bactericidal and fungicide active oxygen based disinfectants guarantee the daily sanitization of the tablecloth.

Hotel Rooms
- after the departure of the guests, each room is sanitized with ozone treatment.
- larger contact surfaces are deeply sanitized with chlorine-based products.
- air conditioner filters are sanitized after the departure of each guest.
- washing of linen (sponges and sheets) is made with a high temperature process, with the help of powerful oxygen-based bleaches that can neutralized any bacterial load. In particular, peracetic acid which is a powerful disinfectant also used on medical devices in a hospital setting
- the hotel water system, already constantly sanitized by a chlorine dioxide system, it has been further sanitized before hotel reopening.

Common areas
- we guarantee a daily and complete sanitization of the environments through an ozone treatment.
- we guarantee adequate spacing.
- all contact surfaces are sanitized several times a day with chlorine and denatured ethyl alcohol based detergents.
- sanitizing dispensers are available in the most frequented areas.
- the air conditioning system is sanitized weekly.
- every area is constantly ventilated through the internal ventilation system.

Fitness Room
- at an early stage, the entrance to the fitness room will be limited to one person at a time.
Simply contact our reception to book: in this way we ensure proper sanitation of this area as well as
compliance with the rules on spacing.

Treatment with ozone generator "Ozosany"
We have been used ozone treatment for rooms sterilization for 3 years. Now we have further
increased the equipment with 4 ozone generators of different capacities.
Ozone is one of the most powerful bactericides found in nature, up to 25 times more effective than
chlorine, it acts on bacteria, fungi and molds, modifying the permeability of the cell wall and bringing
them to death in a few minutes. It is highly effective against viruses to which it damages the viral
capsid and disrupts their reproductive cycle by interrupting virus-cell contact thanks to
hyperoxidation, in fact ozone inactivates it in a time ranging from 10 to 20 minutes of exposure.
Thanks to its gaseous form, ozone allows meticulous sanitization in any kind of environment since,
being a gas, it can reach even the most inaccessible ravines. This makes ozone indispensable for full
environmental sanitization.
The "Ozosany" ozone generator is 100% ecological because no type of chemical product is used since
ozone is generated by transforming the oxygen present in the air. Being an unstable gas, its decay
begins after about 30 minutes, allowing shorthly thereafter the use of the different areas that are
perfectly sanitized and free of bad smells.